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Home » Blog » Backcountry Kölsch: A Spring Beer from Maine Craft Brewery

Backcountry Kölsch: A Spring Beer from Maine Craft Brewery

Backcountry Kölsch: A Spring Beer from Maine Craft Brewery

Discover the Delight of Backcountry Kölsch: A True Maine Craft Brewery Gem

Welcome to the Heart of Maine’s brewing innovation where the Backcountry Kölsch, a light and refreshing beer, is making waves. Crafted with passion by Batson River Brewing & Distilling, this seasonal 5.5% German light ale is the epitome of spring beers, encapsulating the essence of Maine Craft brewery expertise. As the seasons change, so does our desire for a beer that complements the great outdoors, making Backcountry Kölsch the perfect companion.

Why Backcountry Kölsch Captures the Essence of Spring

There’s something uniquely invigorating about the first days of spring in Maine. The shift in mindset toward outdoor exploration—whether it’s walking through the woods or just enjoying nature—is palpable. That’s where Backcountry Kölsch shines. Its lager-like crispness, derived from being cool fermented and then cold-conditioned, makes it the ideal spring beer. And according to Operations Manager Jon Quade, the timing couldn’t be better for its release.

Moreover, this Maine craft brewery doesn’t just create beer; it creates experiences. Backcountry Kölsch is not only a beverage but a tribute to the fantastic community and the great state of Maine. It’s about connecting with nature, with each other, and with the moment.

Where to Find Your Next Favorite Beer

Longing to try this spring sensation? Backcountry Kölsch is readily available in 4-packs and draft at Batson River locations. Plus, thanks to Nappi Distributors, you can find it throughout southern Maine, ensuring no one misses out on this spring’s must-have beer. Excited yet? We sure are!

About Batson River Brewing & Distilling

An independent Maine brewery founded in 2018, Batson River values the beauty of Maine’s southern coast and the community that shapes it. Operating four brewpub restaurants in Portland, Wells, Kennebunk, and Biddeford, Batson River brewing & Distilling captures the spirit of Maine in every beer it crafts.

For those yearning for a taste of Maine’s spring, look no further than Backcountry Kölsch. Its crisp, refreshing flavor profile is finally getting the recognition it deserves, embodying the essence of what a Maine Craft Brewery and spring beers should offer. Cheers to the great outdoors and the incredible beers that make the experience even better!

Want more information on the Backcountry Kölsch or Batson River Brewing & Distilling? Visit their website at and immerse yourself in the world of exquisite Maine craft brewery creations.

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