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Ashburn Beer and Wine Bistro: Crafted Opens Its Doors

Ashburn Beer and Wine Bistro: Crafted Opens Its Doors

Discover the Charm of Ashburn Beer and Wine Bistro: Crafted

Welcome to Crafted, the newest gem in the Heart of Old Ashburn, where the art of glass blowing classes meets the delight of savoring finely crafted beverages. Nestled at 20693 Ashburn Road, this beer and wine bistro offers a unique experience that harmoniously blends the flavors of local craft beers and exquisite wines with the mesmerizing beauty of glass artistry.

A Unique Blend of Tastes and Experiences

Upon stepping into Crafted, visitors are greeted by the inviting warmth of a long wooden bar crafted from Virginia poplar. Here, one can sit back with a chilled beer on tap or swirl a Glass of wine, each sip a testament to the rich, local viticulture and brewing expertise. The dining experience at Crafted is complemented by a small, yet varied menu offering delectable dishes such as a charcuterie board, a Buffalo chicken dip, and a beef on weck sandwich, catering to all palates.

In addition to the savory bites and refreshing beverages, Crafted showcases a large wine display and several coolers brimming with interesting Craft beers, making it both a small tavern and a retail shop for those looking to take a piece of the experience home.

Artistry in Every Corner

However, what truly sets Crafted apart in Ashburn is its dedication to the mesmerizing art of glass blowing. Having originated in Haymarket a decade ago, Crafted has proudly carried forward its legacy of offering glass blowing classes and selling exquisite blown glass items. The owners, Steven and Katie Kihl, have meticulously crafted a space within their bistro that soon will become a studio where aspiring glass artists can learn and thrive.

As Crafted Ashburn transitions from its roots in Haymarket, the promise of adding glass blowing classes to its repertoire enriches the cultural tapestry of Ashburn, inviting visitors and locals alike to immerse themselves in an art form as delicate and refined as the beverages they adore.

Mark Your Calendars

The grand opening of Crafted is a much-anticipated event, scheduled to dazzle Ashburn this Friday and Saturday with its unique offerings. The kickoff will see a ribbon cutting at 1 p.m. on Friday, unveiling a limited menu and an exciting “tap takeover” by the Veil Brewing Co. This marks the beginning of a splendid chapter for Crafted, positioning it as a cornerstone of Ashburn’s vibrant community.

With an elegant fusion of culinary delights, artisanal beverages, and the mesmerizing beauty of glass artistry, Crafted Ashburn beckons. Whether it’s for a casual drink, a bite to eat, or the allure of glass blowing classes, this beer and wine bistro offers a true feast for the senses.

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