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16 Lots Brewing Newport: Final Toast or Fresh Start?

16 Lots Brewing Newport

A Toast to the Legacy of 16 Lots Brewing Newport

Have you heard the murmurings in the wind, or rather, seen the latest posts making rounds on social media? If you’re a craft beer enthusiast in Northern Kentucky, you might want to pay close attention. 16 Lots Brewing Newport, the endearing “Southern Outpost” of Mason’s 16 Lots Brewing Company, is on the brink of a significant transition that could affect the local beer landscape. However, there’s still a week left to raise your glasses high and savor the unique flavors that have become a staple at Newport on the Levee.

When The Taps Might Stop

It’s a bitter pint to swallow, but according to a recent social media buzz, the beloved brewery has shuttered its kitchen doors and is teetering on the edge of a full closure. As the local and social media posts suggest, the upcoming week could either toast to new beginnings or mark the last call at 16 Lots Brewing Newport.

Community & Craft: A Bond Worth Fighting For

The sense of camaraderie amongst beer lovers is palpable. The brewery’s call to action is a heartfelt plea: come say hi—or perhaps goodbye. Now, more than ever, the Newport outpost is reaching out for support. They encourage fans not to let the taps run dry in silence but to join them in what could potentially be a farewell fiesta of finishing off the remaining kegs and bottles.

  • Monday to Friday – The Final Happy Hours?
  • Saturday – The Celebratory Countdown
  • Sunday – Possible Last Call

Memories on Tap

Since its inception, 16 Lots Brewing Company has left a mark on the local beer scene. From its flagship location in Mason established in 2017, to the opening of the Newport location in May 2023, it’s been more than just about serving beer. It’s been about creating a space for memories, live music, and shared experiences on a 2,000-square-foot outdoor patio with a side of full-service restaurant delights.

The Spirit of Newport Lives On

As the week unfolds and the future of 16 Lots Brewing Newport hangs in the balance, one thing remains clear: the spirit of this local haven will continue to live on in the hearts of many. Whether it’s watching the latest news headlines or craving a uniquely crafted pint, the essence of what they’ve built here transcends the physical space.

Pouring the Final Rounds

So, what’s the next step? The team at 16 Lots Brewing Newport has adjusted their hours of operation for the week and they’re rolling out an open invitation: come wish the crew well and help kill the kegs. It’s an opportunity not just to drink but to be part of a moment in craft beer history.

If it is indeed closing time for 16 Lots Brewing at Newport on the Levee, let’s ensure it’s a week filled with cheers, tributes, and fond farewells.

Remember, as you walk into the brewery this week, you’re not just stepping into a bar. You’re stepping into a story—a narrative woven with hops, passion, and camaraderie, one that will be recounted for years to come. So, raise your glasses one last time and celebrate the craft, the community, and the cherished memories of 16 Lots Brewing Newport.

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