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Sip & Stroll: A Winter Evening of Lights and Tasting

Sip & Stroll: A Winter Evening of Lights and Tasting

Discover the Enchantment of the Sip & Stroll Experience

Welcome to a magical evening where the glow of the North Liberty Lights paints a picturesque backdrop for an event brimming with flavors, friendship, and Winter wonder. The Sip & Stroll, a much-anticipated gathering, offers attendees the perfect blend of craft beer tasting, delightful wines, crisp Ciders, and refreshing kombucha, all courtesy of local Iowa producers. As you wander around Liberty Centre Pond, you’ll be captivated by the lights and the sense of community in the air. So, why not wrap up warm, grab your camera, and immerse yourself in this unique experience?

The Spirits Behind the Sip & Stroll

At the Heart of the event, local artisans from the thriving Iowa craft scene come together to showcase their best brews. From the robust profiles of Craft beer tasting offerings to the sophisticated notes of local wines and the unique blends of kombucha, there’s something for everyone. Highlighting the significance of local craftsmanship, these purveyors, including the likes of Backpocket brewing to Wild Culture Kombucha, enrich the experience, making the Sip & Stroll not just an event, but a celebration of Iowa’s rich beverage culture.

What to Expect

Imagine strolling along Liberty Centre Pond, a commemorative 2024 Sip & Stroll tasting cup in hand, eagerly anticipating the next sample as you soak in the dazzling North Liberty Lights. This free event, open to all ages, encapsulates the joy of discovery. Whether you’re here for the drinks, the lights, or both, the Sip & Stroll merges these elements, creating unforgettable memories beneath the sparkle of winter’s embrace.

Plan Your Sip & Stroll Adventure

Participating in the Sip & Stroll is effortless. Aim to arrive at Liberty Centre Pond with your ID ready, as a limited number of commemorative tasting cups await. Whether you start your journey near the gazebo or the pop-up tent, you’re in for a treat with live representatives from breweries and wineries, eager to share their passion and pours with you. Remember, spaces are limited, so arriving early is key to unlocking the full panorama of tastes on offer.

Supporting the Community and Local Businesses

Beyond the beverages, the Sip & Stroll is a beacon of community spirit. Sponsored by City Slate and local businesses like Urban Acres Real Estate and Collins Community Credit Union, the event represents a collaboration that benefits not only attendees but the entire North Liberty community. By turning out for the Sip & Stroll, you’re not just enjoying an evening out; you’re supporting a network of local businesses and fostering a stronger community bond.

Staying Safe and Having Fun

The joy of the Sip & Stroll comes with the responsibility of ensuring a pleasant experience for all. Embrace the company of fellow attendees, the glow of the North Liberty Lights, and the plethora of tasting options with respect and care. Keep in mind, this event is conducted outdoors in winter, so dress warmly to fully enjoy every moment. And, if you’re bringing a furry friend, make sure they’re on a leash and well-behaved amidst the crowd and the lights.

In conclusion, the Sip & Stroll is more than just an event. It’s a showcase of the vibrant local craft scene, a testament to the power of community, and an invitation to create warm winter memories. So, mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and prepare to sip, stroll, and sparkle under the enchanting North Liberty Lights. Cheers!

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