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Home » Blog » Santa Monica Brewery: Discover Craft Beer and Local Culture Excellence

Santa Monica Brewery: Discover Craft Beer and Local Culture Excellence

Santa Monica Brewery: Discover Craft Beer and Local Culture Excellence

Welcome to Santa Monica Brew Works – The First Santa Monica Brewery

Santa Monica Brew Works, the first and only Santa Monica brewery, has been a community institution since its founding in 2014. This beloved brewery has truly set the standard for the city’s beer culture, continually impressing patrons with its dedication to exceptional Craft Beer and a welcoming atmosphere. At Santa Monica Brew Works, community isn’t just a concept; it’s the Heart and soul of our existence. We believe that craft beer thrives on local culture, and thus, we take pride in being a fundamental part of the Santa Monica community since day one.

The Secret to Success: Quality and Community

What makes Santa Monica Brew Works truly special? It’s a blend of unwavering dedication to quality and commitment to community. From the selection of the finest ingredients to the inviting ambiance of our tasting room and beer garden, we offer more than just a pint. Here, you’ll find a cherished gathering spot for friends, family, and neighbors. For nine consecutive years, we have been celebrated for our outstanding service and deep connection to the community.

Santa Monica Brewery’s Passion for Craft Beer

Our passion for craft beer fuels everything we do at Santa Monica Brew Works. This enthusiasm, combined with our commitment to our customers, has cemented our place in the hearts of Santa Monicans. As we grow and evolve, our mission remains unchanged: providing a space where people can connect, celebrate, and enjoy the spirit of craft beer. Santa Monica Brew Works is more than just a brewery; it’s a symbol of the city’s vibrant culture and dedication to supporting local businesses.

Experience the Best of Local Culture

At Santa Monica Brew Works, you’ll experience a brewery that is deeply integrated into the fabric of local culture. This integration forms the basis of our community-forward approach, ensuring that our Craft beer speaks volumes about the city’s unique character. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a visitor, our brewery offers an authentic taste of Santa Monica’s dynamic culture.

Celebrating Craft Beer and Local Culture

We invite you to join us at Santa Monica Brew Works to celebrate craft beer and local culture. Here are a few reasons why we stand out:

  • A diverse selection of brews crafted from the finest ingredients
  • A warm and inviting atmosphere in our tasting room and beer garden
  • A strong commitment to community engagement and support

Discover Santa Monica Brewery Today!

Ready to immerse yourself in the best of craft beer and local culture? Visit Santa Monica Brew Works, where every pint tells a story of tradition, quality, and community. Explore our beers, engage with our community, and become a part of the Santa Monica Brew Works family today!

Beer Name Style ABV
310 California Blonde Blonde Ale 4.8%
Inclined IPA India Pale Ale 6.8%
Modern Wit Belgian-style Witbier 5.3%
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