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Home » Blog » Odd Breed Wild Ales Craft Brewery Closes Amid Rising Costs

Odd Breed Wild Ales Craft Brewery Closes Amid Rising Costs

Odd Breed Wild Ales Craft Brewery Closes Amid Rising Costs

Odd Breed Wild Ales Craft Brewery Faces Tough Times in Pompano Beach

Boom in South Florida Restaurant Rentals

With the boom of restaurants in South Florida comes a bittersweet reality: real estate in South Florida is red hot. Restaurants, bars, and breweries that once could afford their space can no longer do so. This is particularly true in Pompano Beach, which isn’t seeing the lively restaurant scene or foot traffic that Fort Lauderdale and Miami are experiencing.

Odd Breed Wild Ales Forced to Close

Odd Breed Wild Ales, a beloved craft brewery in Pompano Beach, recently announced its closure due to rising rental rates and operating costs. For eight years, they served award-winning beers using a unique fermentation process that made them a standout in South Florida’s craft beer scene. The news of their closing was shared on Instagram by cofounder Matt Manthe, who cited unsustainable rental rates as a primary reason.

Manthe’s statement also hinted at other compounding issues, including increased crime, homelessness, and persistent commercial vacancies in Pompano Beach.

Challenges Beyond Operational Costs

Odd Breed Wild Ales isn’t just facing high operational costs—it’s also dealing with broader issues plaguing the city of Pompano Beach. Despite initial promises from the city to revitalize the neighborhood with more bars and restaurants, progress has been slow. Many businesses have been “coming soon” for years but have not started construction. This lack of development, along with the brewery’s lease restrictions on serving food, has made it challenging to attract foot traffic.

Pride in Craft and Community

Despite these challenges, cofounder Matt Manthe expressed pride and gratitude for the craft and community he and his cofounder Dan Naumko built. Since opening in 2017, Odd Breed Wild Ales has won multiple awards, including a gold at the Great American Beer Festival in 2023. Manthe is especially thankful for the loyal support from both local and distant customers.

Last Hurrah for Craft Beer Lovers

For those who are heartbroken by the brewery’s closure, Odd Breed Wild Ales plans one last bottle release and will also offer vintage bottles for sale. Manthe remains passionate about brewing, expressing gratitude to fans for their continued support.

Odd Breed Wild Ales

50 NE First St., Pompano Beach


Thursday 4 to 9 p.m., Friday 4 to 10 p.m., Saturday noon to 10 p.m., Sunday 1 to 6 p.m.

Great American Beer Festival Wins

Odd Breed Wild Ales has three Great American beer festival awards:

  • Gold in 2023
  • Multiple other awards over the years

Table of Notable Awards

Year Award Event
2023 Gold Great American Beer Festival
2021 Silver Great American Beer Festival
2019 Bronze Great American Beer Festival

The Future of Craft Beer in South Florida

While Odd Breed Wild Ales faces closure, their legacy in South Florida’s craft beer scene remains significant. As real estate continues to challenge local businesses, it’s a reminder of the importance of community and resilience in the face of adversity.

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