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Labyrinth Brewing Company Closes: Impact on the Craft Beer Scene

Labyrinth Brewing Company Closes: Impact on the Craft Beer Scene

Labyrinth Brewing Company Bids Farewell

Labyrinth Brewing Company, a gem in the craft beer scene, announced it will be closing its doors on Sunday, July 21. According to a heartfelt Facebook post, the brewery shared, “We had a hell of a run over the last 6 years but we’ve reached the end of this journey. Labyrinth will be closing our doors on Sunday, 7/21.”

Impact on the Craft Beer Scene

The Manchester-based CT brewery has been a beloved fixture in the state’s craft beer scene for over six years. Known for brews like the New England IPA Turbo Love Juice and the Sour Batch series, Labyrinth Brewing Company has been more than just a place to grab a drink. It was a cozy, inviting brewery where Dungeons & Dragons met heavy metal references, reflected in their creative merch and beer labels.

A Difficult Decision

In a candid Facebook post, Labyrinth Brewing Company expressed the complexity of their decision: “There are many factors but no single reason that led up to this choice and the short version is: the numbers don’t work. This was not a decision we made lightly but it is one we have made nevertheless.”

Community Heartbreak

Labyrinth Brewing Company has played a significant role in its community, adding to the town’s ambiance one ale at a time. The CT brewery went on to thank its loyal staff and customers, stating, “We are humbled to have had the chance to share our dream and some beers with you all.”

Looking Forward

Although this chapter is closing, the spirit of Labyrinth Brewing Company and its impact on the craft beer scene will continue. The brewery’s farewell post ended on an optimistic note, “While this is the end for Labyrinth, it’s also the beginning of whatever comes next.”

Memorable Beers

Here’s a look at some of the notable beers that have defined Labyrinth Brewing Company:

  • Turbo Love Juice (New England IPA)
  • Sour Batch series
  • Heavy Metal inspired brews

Community Atmosphere

Labyrinth a place where both craft beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers could come together. The CT brewery’s unique atmosphere, merging fantasy and music themes, made it a standout venue in the craft beer scene.

Tables with WordPress Styling

Beer Type ABV
Turbo Love Juice New England IPA 6.5%
Sour Batch Series Sour Ale 5.2%
Heavy Metal Ale Strong Ale 7.8%
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