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Jackass Brewing Co: Downtown Williamsport’s New Craft Hub

Jackass Brewing Co.

A New Chapter for Craft Beer Lovers: Jackass Brewing Co Brews Excitement in Williamsport

There’s a buzz in the air in downtown Williamsport, and it’s not just the hum of anticipation. Jackass Brewing Co, the soon-to-be hub for craft beer aficionados, is manifesting its vision right at the corner of Hepburn and 3rd St. This isn’t just any construction site; it’s a promise of what’s to come – a full-service craft beer brewery, restaurant, and a hub for the community.

The Wall Breaking Ceremony: Jackass Brewing Co Makes a Splash

Forget the traditional ribbon-cutting; Jackass Brewing Co is all about doing things differently. The co-owners Larry Winans and Skip Kratzer have taken the first step towards their dream with a “wall breaking” event that has caught the eye of every passerby. They smashed through barriers, quite literally, as they took sledgehammers to walls, amid laughter and banter that echoed ‘safety third’ – their playful twist on breaking ground.

The beginnings of Jackass Brewing Co can be traced back five years to a brainstorming session in a Lewisburg basement. Since then, despite the momentum being slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the dream has persevered.

The Space: Blending Rustic Charm with Modern Amenities

Inside the historic building, excitement builds as plans for the tap room, restaurant service on the second floor, and a rooftop bar are revealed. In the basement, the vital fermentation process will take place, cementing the building’s place as a cornerstone of craft beer. With plans to preserve the rustic aesthetic, including adding a striking chandelier, the brewery is sure to be a fusion of old-world charm and modern conveniences.

The owners also plan to open a bottle shop on the premises, offering Pennsylvania and locally-crafted beers “to go.” Visitors will have easy access to the building from Via Bella, Hepburn St, and Third St, with ample parking available, ensuring that every trip to Jackass Brewing Co is as smooth as their carefully crafted IPA.

The Impact: A Boon for Williamsport and Local Beer Makers

Jackass Brewing Co is set to make significant waves, not just in the craft beer scene, but in the job market as well. With plans to employ around 70 staff members initially, and intentions to grow to at least a hundred, the brewery is poised to provide a substantial boost to the local economy. Furthermore, the collaborative spirit of the brewery aims to give Pennsylvania beer makers a new platform, fostering a community bound by a love for quality beer.

And let’s not forget the liquid gold itself – the craft beer. The process, from malt barley to the much-loved drink, has been carefully honed by Jackass Brewing Co to ensure each sip is a testament to their passion and expertise.

Looking Ahead: Early Summer and Beyond

As the owners eye an early summer grand opening, there’s no doubt that Jackass Brewing Co will become a landmark in Williamsport. Sitting proudly at the intersection of Hepburn and 3rd St, the brewery invites both locals and visitors to partake in the revelry and imbibe in the craftsmanship that goes into every glass poured.

The story of Jackass Brewing Co is more than just the birth of a new brewery – it’s a tale of persistence, vision, and the unyielding belief that a good pint can bring people together. With its central location offering stunning views of downtown and plans to maintain a convivial atmosphere, this brewery is set to become the heart of Williamsport’s downtown corridor, crafting memories one pint at a time.

Stay tuned, for Jackass Brewing Co’s chapter in Williamsport’s history is just beginning to ferment.

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