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Celebrate Independence Day with American Craft Lagers in Style

Celebrate Independence Day with American Craft Lagers in Style

Celebrate Independence Day with American Craft Lagers

For many people — myself included – the Fourth of July means firing up the grill for a backyard cookout featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie for dessert and, of course, beer to wash it all down. In the past, big multinational breweries had a stronghold on the holiday, offering light-bodied and low-calorie lagers perfect for an outdoor gathering. However, the craft beer trend has introduced a delightful alternative: American craft lagers.

Craft Beer Evolution

In general, beers fall into two categories — ales and lagers. Ales are made with top-cropping yeast at warmer temperatures, and lagers use bottom-cropping yeast and are stored at cooler temperatures. Initially, ales were the go-to for small breweries because they were easier to brew. But that has changed with advancements in brewing technology.

Technological Advancements in Craft Beer

Nowadays, even the smallest breweries can make lagers thanks to modern equipment. This has led to a boom in craft lagers over the past decade. They have become so popular that they now rival IPAs, another beloved category in the craft beer world.

Why Choose American Craft Lagers?

So, this Independence Day, why not skip the mass-produced lager and opt for an American craft lager? Many independent craft breweries in California brew outstanding lagers that can elevate your backyard cookout experience.

Top Picks for American Craft Lagers

Here are some fantastic American craft lagers to consider:

  • Amendment Lager, 21st Amendment Brewery – A modest 4.4% ABV, perfect for all-day sipping.
  • Glamorous Life, HenHouse Brewing – A lite lager with a 3.8% ABV, featuring floral, citrus, and herbal notes.
  • Lunatic Lager Beer, Moonlight Brewing – An easy-drinking European-style lager with biscuity, cracker-like malt character.
  • Maize Runner, Original Pattern Brewing – An American lager brewed with flaked corn.
  • 1970s Lager, Faction Brewing – An old-school craft-adjunct lager brewed with corn.
  • Pre-Pro Lager, East Brother Brewing – A classic pre-prohibition lager brewed with barley, corn, and old-fashioned Cluster hops.
  • Velvet Glow, Russian River Brewing – A Helles-style lager inspired by Grace Brothers Brewing.
  • Wondrous Hell, Wondrous Brewing – An unfiltered German Helles loaded with flavor.

More Craft Lager Options

A few more local gems to keep an eye out for include:

  • Light Lager from San Francisco Brewing
  • Fort Point’s Ganada, a Korean-style lager
  • Ghosttown Brewing’s Helles Awaits
  • Alvarado Street Brewing’s Monterey Beer, subtitled The Local’s Lager
  • Other Brother’s Seaside Lager
  • Devil’s Canyon’s La Cañada del Diablo Lager Especial

Interesting Facts About Craft Lagers

Statistic Details
Total Number of American Breweries More than 10,000
Number of Breweries in California Between 1,100 and 1,563
Popular Styles Ales and Lagers


American craft lagers have become a staple in the craft beer world, and there’s no better time to enjoy them than the Fourth of July. These beers offer a diverse range of flavors and styles, perfect for any backyard cookout. So, this Independence Day, raise a glass of American craft lager and celebrate in style.

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