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Home » Blog » Buck County Brewery Closing: Mad Princes Brewing Farewell

Buck County Brewery Closing: Mad Princes Brewing Farewell

Buck County Brewery Closing: Mad Princes Brewing Farewell

Buck County Brewery Closing: A Fond Farewell

Mad Princes Brewing Bids Adieu

Mad Princes Brewing, a beloved buck county brewery, has announced it will be closing this summer. Residents of Doylestown and beer enthusiasts alike are saddened by this news, marking the end of an era in the local craft brewing industry.

The Announcement

Owners Jim and Kurt Ludwig shared the unfortunate news on Facebook, expressing their sorrow over the decision. They mentioned the closure would likely happen by the end of July or early August, stating, “It depends on how long the beer holds out and other factors.” Although the exact reasons weren’t shared, the pandemic’s significant impact on businesses was hinted at, quoting a humorous yet poignant reference to John ‘no IPAs’ Rambo.

Impact on the Community

The closure of this Doylestown Brewing community staple means more than just the end of a business. It signifies the loss of a gathering place for local beer aficionados. The Ludwigs reflected on how much they would miss participating in local beer festivals, events, and being part of the Bucks County ale Trail.

Mad Princes Brewing’s Legacy

Mad Princes has been celebrated for its diverse beer offerings which included:

  • Pale Ales
  • Stouts
  • Kolsch
  • Lesser-known Eisbier
  • Berliner Weisse

The brewery has left a mark with its innovative brews and loyal clientele. As a final tribute, they will release a last special brew: the “St. Lazarus Lemming” Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Barleywine, limited to two 6-ounce pours per visit.

Beer Style Description
Pale Ales Light and hoppy, perfect for a warm day.
Stouts Rich and hearty, ideal for cold seasons.
Kolsch Clear, bright, and refreshing, a true summer delight.
Eisbier A rare find with a strong kick, not for the faint-hearted.
Berliner Weisse Sour and tangy, a unique flavor journey.

Final Thoughts

The news of this buck county brewery closing has left many with a heavy heart. Mad Princes Brewing’s contribution to the Doylestown brewing community will be remembered fondly. As they pour their last glasses, the Ludwigs extend their gratitude to all the customers who made their journey unforgettable. Here’s to Mad Princes Brewing and the incredible impact they had on so many lives.

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