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Beer Purchasers’ Index Hits High Amid Craft and Nonalcoholic Trends

Beer Purchasers' Index Hits High Amid Craft and Nonalcoholic Trends

Understanding the Beer Purchasers’ Index

The Beer Purchasers’ Index has become a significant indicator of industry health, and it recently reached a three-year high. This index measures the purchasing behavior of wholesalers and can reflect broader beer sales trends. Craft Beer trends and the rise in nonalcoholic beer market share have strongly influenced recent changes in the index.

Industry Fragmentation

There is no single beer industry anymore. The “fragmentation of demand” has led to diverse consumer preferences, ranging from craft beers to hard seltzers. The Beer Purchasers’ Index highlights this shift, showing a varied distribution of beer purchases.

The Impact of Craft Beer Trends

The craft beer revolution, which started over a decade ago, continues to impact the market. breweries now focus on offering unique flavor profiles and experiences to attract customers. This trend is well-documented in the Beer Purchasers’ Index.

Exploring Nonalcoholic Beer Market

One notable change in the beer Purchasers’ Index is the growth of the nonalcoholic beer market. Brands like Heineken, Budweiser, and Blue Moon are entering this segment, which is gaining popularity among consumers seeking low- or no-alcohol options.

Holiday Influence on the Index

The Fourth of July is traditionally the top beer-consuming holiday in the U.S. This seasonal spike is reflected in the Beer Purchasers’ Index, showcasing the importance of holidays in shaping purchase patterns.

Shifts in Market Share

Beer has been losing its market share to spirits recently. This shift, as captured by the Beer Purchasers’ Index, is partly due to the narrowing price gap between beer and spirits.

What’s Affecting Beer Sales?

Several factors influence beer sales, including changing consumer preferences and market dynamics:

  • Craft beer trends
  • Health-conscious consumers
  • Seasonal variations

Top-Selling Beers Today

Bud Light has lost its position as the top-selling beer, replaced by Modelo Especial. This change, highlighted in the Beer Purchasers’ Index, underscores the dynamic nature of the beer market.

The Role of Unique Experiences

Breweries are differentiating themselves by offering in-person experiences like food and music. These unique elements not only attract customers but also influence the Beer Purchasers’ Index by driving sales.

Fruity and Botanical Flavors

The push for new flavors has been another significant trend. Breweries focusing on fruity, botanical, and hop flavors are seeing success, as indicated in the Beer Purchasers’ Index.

Beer Type Market Share Growth Trend
Craft Beer 25% Steady
Nonalcoholic Beer 5% Rapid Growth
Mainstream Beer 70% Declining


The Beer Purchasers’ Index offers valuable insights into the current state of the beer industry. From craft beer trends to the rise of the nonalcoholic beer market, this index reflects the evolving preferences of today’s beverage consumers.

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