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734 Brewing Company Review

734 Brewing CompanyReview
734 Brewing CompanyReview
734 Brewing Company Review
The Quick Version
The review highlights 734 Brewing Company as a vibrant and community-centered spot in Depot Town, Michigan. It praises the reasonable drink prices, great events like Tuesday night karaoke, and the accommodating bar staff. The brewery’s commitment to improvement and community engagement, along with its unique homemade spirits, makes it a favorite destination for both locals and visitors.
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Welcome to the 734 Brewing Company

734 Brewing Company is a fantastic spot located in the heart of Michigan. It’s an ideal place for those who appreciate a good drink and an inviting atmosphere. Whether you are a local or just visiting, 734 Brewing Company offers something special for everyone.

Reasonable Prices and Great Events

One of the standout features of 734 Brewing Company is its reasonable drink prices. It’s an excellent place to host events, as they are known for being very accommodating. The bar staff, particularly on Tuesday night karaoke, are always fun and personable. The vibe of the place feels important to the community, creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Phenomenal Experience

Visiting 734 Brewing Company can be a phenomenal experience. With amazing beer and great people, it strikes the perfect balance of being chill yet engaging. The knowledgeable bartenders enhance the experience by providing excellent recommendations.

Art and Music Hub

734 Brewing Company is highly regarded within the art and music communities. They distill their own spirits, and the cocktails are top-notch. The location in Depot Town features a gravel patio with umbrellas, providing plenty of additional seating along the sidewalk. It’s a lovely spot with nice people and great artists.

Pros and Cons

While 734 Brewing Company has many pros, such as selling local art and fostering a tolerant atmosphere, there are some areas for improvement. Some visitors have experienced issues like dirty tables, outdated ordering systems, and watered-down beer. However, the outdoor patio is a pleasant place to sit during warmer months.


  • Local art for sale
  • Tolerant, accepting atmosphere
  • Nice outdoor patio


  • Unresponsive greeting and service
  • Dirty tables and glasses
  • Occasional issues with the drinks

Improvement and Community Engagement

734 Brewing Company continually improves based on customer feedback, which is why it’s a favorite for many. The commitment to listening to customers is evident in their willingness to adjust prices and enhance the overall experience. This dedication to community engagement makes it a wonderful establishment.

Unique Offerings

Despite not having a food menu, 734 Brewing Company’s diverse ownership and homemade spirits make it a unique destination. The convenience of the patio area allows for enjoyable outdoor sipping, although guests might need to find food elsewhere when hunger strikes.

Final Thoughts

Visitors often praise the superb vibes and the cocktails at 734 Brewing Company. It’s a place that many look forward to visiting again. With a good menu and a fun atmosphere, it’s a spot that’s hard to resist.

About the 734 Brewing Company

Location Depot Town, Michigan
Specialties Homemade spirits and cocktails
Atmosphere Community-centered, artistic
Dining Options Outdoor patio, no food
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